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Sexual Harassment:
Lessons Learned from Scandals
& Strategies to Mitigate Risk
To date, sex harassment scandals have ravaged the government and bedrock industries like entertainment, media and technology. Yet, no industry is immune from potential exposure to sexual harassment claims.

Our special panel on this very hot topic offers the diverse perspectives of an employment law partner, a senior media-industry HR executive and two very different training companies.

The sex harassment scandals did not come out of nowhere. Inherent conflicts of interest, star power, and fears of retaliation all contribute to how these problems can fester within organizations. Our panel will have a frank discussion about the reality of sexual harassment, the steps that some major organizations are taking to confront the issue, and strategies that can mitigate risk.

Our powerhouse panel features:

  • SHIFT HR Compliance Training President & Co-Founder Katherin Nukk-Freeman
  • CSW Associates Inc. Managing Director Connie Wong
  • Time Inc. EVP, CHRO & CCO Greg Giangrande
  • Jones Day Partner Martin Schmelkin
The seminar will take place:
At The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue (34th St.), Friday, January 26th 8:00AM to 9:30AM. Registration and continental breakfast begins at 7:30AM. 
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