The Five O'Clock Club Certification Program

Gain the credibility of being
a Five O'Clock Club Certified Career Coach.

Get trained in the industry's top job search method. Gain the tools, best practices and techniques needed to be a top-level career coach. Become eligible for client referral streams and lead-generation commission programs.

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  • Take your existing coaching practice to the next level or get the knowledge you need to start one
  • Learn the industry's most highly regarded approach to job search training and coaching
  • Become eligible for client referrals
  • Participate in The Five O'Clock Club lead-generation
    commission programs
  • Receive ongoing training to stay on the cutting edge of emerging issues
  • Be part of a close-knit network that emphasizes collaboration


The Five O'Clock Club offers cutting-edge outplacement solutions through job search and career development coaching, and delivers the highest number of private coaching hours per dollar spent. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people in transition develop and implement a successful career search, utilizing our propriety research-based methodology and unrivaled, personalized coaching programs. Individuals, who adhere to our methodology, find new jobs in as little as 10 to 12 weeks, a fraction of the national average.

The Five O'Clock Club uniquely provides Certified Coaches the right balance of independence, training, collaboration and community, plus access to client referral streams. All of our Certified Coaches apply a unified approach to each coaching engagement, ensuring each client receives the same standard of excellence and personal attention. Regardless of past coaching experience, our Certified Coaches find The Five O'Clock Club method to be a game changer.

Our Certified Coaches come from diverse professional backgrounds, and many have held senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies. As we expand our national presence, we are also expanding the certification program to include candidates from the top 20 US markets.

Curriculum Synopsis

- Live Instruction
- Individual Assignments
- Pro Bono Coaching

WHEN: Spring 2017

COST: $1,650

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"This new pillar in my coaching practice has allowed me to serve clients in transition much more effectively."

Tom Rice


The certification program has a rigorous acceptance process. Prospective candidates should have a coaching background, recruitment background, extensive professional experience, and/or a combination thereof. The acceptance criteria are as follows:

Professionals & Executives

Minimum 15 years work experience with significant managerial responsibility

Graduate degree (MBA or other industry relevant degree)

History of mentoring roles within an organization

LinkedIn All-Star Profile

Personal experience with career transition

Executive & Career Coaches

Minimum 3 years professional coaching experience

Significant prior work experience

LinkedIn All-Star Profile

Personal experience with career transition

Executive Recruiters

Minimum 5 years recruiting experience

Significant prior work experience

LinkedIn All-Star Profile

Personal experience with career transition


The certification curriculum is divided into three required components:


The program syllabus requires candidates to read five books, watch several content based training webinars (45 mins each), plus gain a full understanding of the Five O'Clock Club coach manual. Each candidate will receive a complimentary copy of the required and supplemental reading materials upon enrollment into the certification program.


Classes will be held live via web-conference, featuring a variety of Five O'Clock Club Coaches as instructors. Each class will cover new content, plus provide a platform for open questions and answers. Classes will be recorded and available for download should candidates not be able to attend live.


To develop expertise in applying the Method, the certification program also requires candidates to coach a pro bono client throughout the program (a minimum of 6 sessions).


The certification testing requires candidates to:

1. Deliver a written case-study about your pro bono client demonstrating your use and understanding of the method

2. Present a 15-minute web based oral presentation on the case-study

Candidates will be able to schedule, submit and conduct their certification testing requirements in a two-week period following the completion of the curriculum.

Upon successful completion of the certification program, candidates will receive certified status recognized by The Five O'Clock Club as a Certified Career Coach, and active member of The Coach Network.


Class #1: Tuesday, March 14th
Class #2: Tuesday, March 21st
Class #3: Tuesday, March 28th
Class #4: Tuesday, April 4th
Class #5: Tuesday, April 18th
Class #6: Tuesday, April 25th
Class #7: Tuesday, May 2nd
Class #8: Tuesday, May 9th
Certification Testing Period: May 23rd and 24th

Classes will be recorded and available for download should candidates not be able to attend live. Each class will be 90-120 minutes in duration. Classes will be conducted via teleconference and web-based screen share technology.

"Once I became certified I was fully confident and able to begin coaching clients. Very few programs can deliver these results."

Geralyn Cappelli

"It's exciting to see how well the process works regardless of the client's industry, position or age. Even when working with clients who have a difficult search, I can feel confident that they will find a new position."

Anita Attridge

"The thing about the methodology is that it gives you a roadmap. It gives you a vocabulary... it lets you measure how you are doing --improve your RBIs, lower your handicap--because you can measure things. But, perhaps best of all, it is practical. Real people can identify with the approach."

Celia Currin


We are currently accepting applications for the next Five O'Clock Club certification program.

The Five O'Clock Club certification program has a highly competitive and selective admissions process. Refer to the program prerequisites above

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